shipping industry since 1977. After 17 years of being employed by a leading steamship line, Seaskymovers  International Ltd. Her knowledge of the internal operations of the steamship business has proven to be an invaluable asset to seaskymovers’s customers.

As a wholly Canadian-owned corporation, Seaskymovers International is recognized and respected throughout the logistics industry. We are constantly working to improve our rate and service levels to keep our customers and their products competitive in a global logistics market.

Our Mission

As the customer, you have many available logistics providers to choose from and we strongly believe that we are the better choice. Seaskymovers is committed to providing you high quality worldwide logistics service and expert advice at market competitive rates.

We acknowledge that our customers have unique deadlines and time sensitive shipping requirements. Seaskymovers seeks the very best shipping lines, routes and timelines, while closely monitoring each shipment’s progress, in an effort to meet your individual specifications.

Seaskymovers is committed to maintaining the highest level of service and operational standards. Our individualized attention allows us to be flexible and adapt to the many variables involved in global shipping that require specialized logistics handling.

We continually seek to improve our service to ensure we exceed all your expectations!